Recording internet radio

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I’ve previously blogged about StreamRecorder.NET, which is useful for recording internet radio shows. However, sometimes you want to actually listen to the radio while you’re recording. You’d might also want to record tracks to separate files. Since StreamRecorder.NET is a front-end for other utilities, you could conceivably find a constellation that works for these cases as well. However, existing programs provide better alternatives. Screamer Radio is very nice, as is RadioSure. However, my favorite would be a far less known program: XMPlay. It is very minimalistic and does everything I want (I especially like its global shortcuts). Funny story, before I was aware of it I started writing a radio player of my own, based on the same library XMPlay is based on (BASS). You can see the result here. Suffice to say, I’ll be sticking with XMPlay for now 🙂

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