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Ever wonder how long it would take you to complete your entire Steam library? I know I did about 10 months ago. Alas, the only site that would answer me at that time, Nate Collings‘ cool SteamPlaytime, has closed up shop.


After many weekends and vacations of hard work, I present to you



  • Examine your total current and remaining playtimes in the different HowLongToBeat completion levels (Main, Extras, Completionist).
  • Slice and filter playtime by name, genre and Metacritic score.
  • Include and exclude specific games in the calculation.
  • Examine your full playtime table and sort by current playtime and time to beat.
  • You can even check out an imaginary profile containing all of Steam’s games (currently over 9,000!)

Enjoy 🙂

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